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Spotting at Schiphol's new Polderbaan and Schiphol Rijk
The photos on this page were taken at Schiphol's new runway, the Polderbaan, as well as the cargo terminal at Schiphol Rijk

Varig changes aircraft to MD11 for Summer 2004

From the summer of 2004 Varig changed its aircraft from the Boeing 777 to the MD11 on their flights to Amsterdam. As the MD11 is increasingly becoming a rare sight around the globe, it is nice to have another MD11 operator in Amsterdam once again. The routing is: POA-GRU-CDG-AMS-CDG-GRU-POA.

Aircraft info: Varig Mc Donnel Douglas MD11, reg. PP-VQX, constr. nr. 48769/603, delivered to VASP on 27/11/96 as PP-SFD, now flying for Varig as PP-VQX.

Martinair Cargo at Schiphol Rijk

This photo was taken near the cargo terminal at Schiphol Rijk where Martinair Cargo's flights are being handled. As you can see on the photo, you can get very close to the action here. Aircraft info: Martinair Cargo Boeing 747-206SUD/SF, reg. PH-BUH.

BMI Baby to Wales :-)

To promote Wales BMI Baby painted this aircraft with special 'Visit Wales' titles. Aircraft info: BMI Baby Boeing 737-59D, reg. G-BVKD. Aircraft is seen taking off from the Polderbaan.

EasyJet going from B to A...

EasyJet will replace its entire fleet with the Airbus A319. This A319 is the first of the type to be built specifically for low-cost operations. EasyJet's entire Boeing 737 fleet will be replaced by this new bird. Aircraft on photo: EasyJet Airbus A319-111, reg. G-EZEI.

EasyJet Boeing 737

As written above, Easyjet will replace their Boeing 737's with the A319. On this picture you can see one of their Boeing 737-700's. I was lucky with this shot, as this aircraft is one of EasyJet's newest 737's. Aircraft info: EasyJet Boeing 737-73V , reg. G-EZKB (cn 32423/ 1433). This aircraft was delivered to EasyJet new in January 2004.

A new color for this bird :-)

Maersk Airlines has moved away from its lighter blue color to a combination of white, dark and light blue, with dark blue being the dominant color. In my opinion this new livery gives Maersk Airlines a fresher and a more luxurious appeal. Aircraft on photo: Maersk Airlines Boeing 737-7L9, reg. OY-MRJ, constr. nr. 28015/785. Photo taken at the Polderbaan.

A nice surprise :-))

This old timer was a very unexpected visitor but a nice surprise I must say. This British aircraft is apparently operating parcel flights between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, in this case Amsterdam Schiphol. The fully red painted aircraft really gets your attention. Aircraft info: Parcel Force Worldwide British Aerospace BAe 748/Hawker Siddeley HS-748 srs. 2A, reg. G-OPFW, constr. nr. 1714.