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The spectator's terrace.

As you can see from the photos below as well as the photos taken of KLM and Northwest in page one, the spectator's terrace at Schiphol Airport offers very good photographing opportunities. Enjoy my clickable photo's.

China Airlines Cargo & Atlas Air

This 747-400F just arrived and taxied to the KLM maintenance area immediately after landing. The registration of this aircraft gave away the aircraft's owner, being Atlas Air of the U.S. You don't see an aircraft fully stripped of its title and colors flying so often, so this was a nice surprise to me.

Aircraft info: Atlas Air, Boeing 747-47UF, constr. nr. 29258/1220, reg. N497MC, aircraft operated for China Airlines Cargo of Taiwan.

African presence at Schiphol...

Before I went to Schiphol Airport, I wrote down all the flights that would arrive on that day, so I could make a selection of aircraft I wanted to photograph. I didn't expect this airline to pop up, I must have missed it on the arrivals list, but a very nice surprise!!! Eritrean Airlines has a simple, but yet colorful livery. What does the logo on the tail and engines mean?

Aircraft info: Eritrean Airlines, Boeing 767-366ER, constr. nr. 24541/275, reg. E3-AAO, formerly operated by Epyptair as SU-GAO.

More of Africa....

Right after Eritrean Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines passed by for its departure. This is the first time I've photographed these airlines. With Ethiopian Airlines' new livery, it was even better!!! I was lucky to photograph these colorful birds of Africa here at Schiphol Airport :-)

Aircraft info: Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing 757-260, constr. nr. 26058/496, reg. ET-AKF, new livery.

Japan Airlines new livery

I was waiting for this new livery. Everytime when I went aircraft spotting I had bad luck with Japan Airlines, as they operated their old livery everytime I was at Schiphol. This time I was lucky. At first I didn't really like their new livery, but now I'm used to it and like it. It is a livery that's very recognisable. Japan Airlines operates daily nonstop flights to/from Tokyo's Narita International Airport.

Aircraft info: Japan Airlines, Boeing 747-446, constr. nr. 26342/905, reg. JA8089, new livery.

Finally I got this one too...

Just like the Japan Airlines "waiting time", I had the same problem with Air Transat, the only difference here being that I have been waiting on them for years!!! Everytime I went to Schiphol to photograph Air Transat's A330, I had bad luck because they were using a gate which was not visible from the spectator's terrace. This time they used gate E09. I couldn't ask for a better gate ;-) This type of tough luck happens when you don't have a car... But this day, was my day... luckily :-))

Aircraft info: Air Transat, Airbus A330-243, constr. nr. 250, reg. C-GGTS, delivered new to Air Transat in 1999.

Loading an A330...

On this photo Air Transat's A330 is being loaded for its return flight to Canada. Next to it, there's a Northwest Airlines A330-300 getting ready for its next flight back to the United States.

Air Plus Comet operating for Dutch Caribbean Airlines?

This was a surprise too. A Air Plus Comet A310 taxied to the runway for take-off. Looking at the time I saw this aircraft (09:30-10:00) and the fact that Dutch Caribbean Airlines at that moment (and still) don't have a replacement aircraft for their CUR-AMS flights, my guess is that this aircraft/airline was operating on behalf of Dutch Caribbean Airlines.

Aircraft info: Air Plus Comet, Airbus A310-325ET, constr. nr. 642, reg. EC-IPT.