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Surinam Airways 747-300

Surinam Airways as the name already suggests, is the National Airline of Surinam. During the '80's Surinam Airways operated a DC-8-63 on their flights from Paramaribo (Capitol of Surinam) to Amsterdam in the Netherlands. After this, they decided to co-operate with KLM on this route. Starting this year, Surinam Airways will start their own flights once again with a Boeing 747-300 they acquired from KLM, whit a deal which sees KLM maintain this aircraft and train Surinam Airways' own personnel so they can eventually operate this aircraft on their own. Besides this Boeing 747-300, Surinam Airways also operates a Mc Donnel Douglas MD82 for regional operations, as well as a few turboprop aircraft for domestic operations. This page will focus on Surinam Airways' first Boeing 747-300 and will feature many photos taken from different angles around the aircraft so you can see the true size of a Boeing 747. I would like to thank my friends for arranging and allowing me to take a tour of this aircraft as well as other aircraft at KLM's Maintenance & Engineering facility at Schiphol International Airport.

New on this page, are the KLM Boeing 777 photos as well as a few photos of Northwest Airlines' newest aircraft type, the A330-300. These can be viewed on the bottom of this page. Click on the photos for a larger image.

Surinam Airways' first Boeing 747-300 seen parked in KLM's paintshop at Schiphol Airport. The aircraft looks very shiny and brand new. This former KLM aircraft was completely overhauled before being painted into Surinam Airways' livery to eventually be delivered to Surinam Airways. Aircraft information: Formerly registered as PH-BUW. Aircraft type: Boeing 747-306M. Construction number: 23508/657. Re-registered as PZ-TCM, operating for Surinam Airways.

A close-up of Surinam Airways' first Boeing 747-300.

A different perspective of the front section. The size of the 747 engines is clearly visible in this photo too.

This photo shows the distance between the main gear and the nose wheel of the Boeing 747.

The left main gear can be seen from this angle with part of the main center gear visible on the bottom left of this photo.

Here you can see a perfect view of the four-wheel bogie under carriage assembly of the Boeing 747.

I wanted to show you the length of a 747 wing, which is quite impressive. On this photo you can see the wing and engines of the 747. When standing under the wing, you will really see how big the 747's wings really are. It's quite different when photographing the 747 from a airport spectator terrace or near a runway.

A view of Surinam Airways' first 747 tail logo. Unfortunately the true height of the 747 tail is not visible from this photo

Here I was standing below the Auxiliary Power Unit, or APU, of the 747. The APU is used for generating power when the aircraft is on the ground but can also be used in the air when and if needed. The length of the aft section of the 747 can also be seen pretty well on this photo.

A view of the elevator. The APU can also be seen on this photo, right below the tail.

The 747 rudder and the left and right elevator can be seen quite nicely on this photo. The APU is visible between the left and right elevator. I like the colours of Surinam Airways, with the nice bird logo on the tail. I would have loved to see Surinam Airways adopt their orange livery they used in the '80's. That would have made the 747 look very nice. But that would have cost Surinam Airways a lot more money, which is why they probably chose for a white fuselage with yellow, orange and red cheatlines. Anyway, this aircraft also looks great in Surinam Airways' livery.

Here's a complete picture of the different parts of the 747 shown in the other photo's. On this photo you can see the wing size, engines and the main gear, comprising the four-wheel bogie under carriage assembly (or main center gear), as well as the right main landing gear and nose gear.

A view of the back of the engine of the 747. I like this photo :-)

The shiny nose of Surinam Airways' new aircraft. I can't help but saying that this aircraft was shining as if it was a presidential aircraft. Everything was very clean on this aircraft. Too bad we were not allowed to see this aircraft from the inside :-(

Another view of the front section of Surinam Airways' 747. Here you can also see the shiny metal on this beauty ;-)

As you can see on this photo, the interior of Surinam Airway's 747 is still retaining the former owner's colours, KLM blue ;-)

This Ex-KLM Boeing 737 will be converted into a full freighter in South Africa (Johannesburg) and will then go to its new owner, Kitty Hawk. Aircraft information: Ex-KLM Boeing 737-306. Constr. nr. 23538/1288. This aircraft is now replaced by a brandnew Boeing 737-900 registered as PH-BXT.


Head on shot of KLM's Boeing 777-200ER (PH-BQF "Ferrara City").

Just arrived and taxiing to its gate (F02). Aircraft info: KLM, Boeing 777-206ER, constr. nr. 29398/474, reg. PH-BQF named "Ferrara City". Delivered to KLM on the 31th of March 2004.

Close up...

Another nice semi-close up photo of KLM's 777 :-)

Being towed to the maintenance hangar.

Being towed to the hangar

Close up of two close partners, KLM and Northwest Airlines. Both showing off their new livery. Which one's better? ;-)

Northwest Airlines new longhaul aircraft, the famous A330. Aircraft info: Northwest Airlines Airbus A330-323X, constr. nr. 542, reg. N803NW.

Northwest Airbus A330-323X (N803NW) coming into position at its gate (E09).